Who We Are

The RHVA is the Community Consultative Body (CCB) recognized by Shoalhaven City Council as the forum which represents issues and concerns for the communities of Cunjurong Point, Bendalong, North Bendalong, Berringer Lake, Manyana and the Nerringillah Valley.

Our primary role is to promote and protect the interests and well-being of local residents, and to preserve the unique natural environment and local heritage that make our villages such a special play to live, work and visit.

We consult with residents on the development of appropriate facilities and infrastructure and campaign on behalf of the community on key issues that impact us all. We also host community events and share information on matters of local interest.

The RHVA holds at least three general community meetings per year, with additional meetings called when significant issues emerge that require community discussion and input. We also communicate regularly with our membership through General Meetings, our website, email newsletters and Facebook. Please click on the membership tab and follow the prompts to join RHVA and click the subscribe button if you would like to stay up to date through our newsletters.