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NSW Minister for Transport JetSki Reponse 10/04/2024

Letter to objectors to the Heir Asquith Pty Ltd – Land and Environment Court Case No.2023/00263435 re Inyadda Dr Nth Manyana DA re conciliation conference 14/03/2024

Response from Dept of Planning, Housing and Infrastructure re Don Hearns cabins 07/03/2024

Letter to Community Consultative Body re Guidelines Adoption 29/09/2023

RHVA Hazard Reduction Enquiry 17/08/2023

Response regarding the state of Bendalong road 24/06/2022

DA Submission – Acknowledgement Letter 11/4/22

CEO, SCC – Response – RHVA Yulunga Hall – Lexie Meyer

Replacement Letter of Support – Red Head Villages – Black Summer Bush Fire Grants

Ltrs PattiB HancockMP re Community Fire Units in RHVA area

Ltr SCC Schulter Enclosing Permission to Extend Hall 29Sept21

SCC Britton re Yulunga Hall Site meeting Aug21

Response fr NSW Min Health re Mental Health Impacts of Uncertain Future of Remaining Unburnt Bushland

SCC Low re Drainage Works Yulunga Sports Field

SCC RHVA Masterplan Funding Memorandum of Understanding

SCC Schulter Permission to Extend Hall 29Sept21

SCC Voegt Response re RHVA Annual Contributions

Thanks for your hard work Robyn- sad to see you go Minutes Secretary resignation

MBE update from SCC 14 May 2020

OZY Homes Intentions RE Manyana Beach Estate– 28th April

Manyana Beach Estate_commencement date


13/3/2020 letter from SCC re Manyana Beach Estate Commence date

26/1/2019 letter to Council re- Manyana Estate – Colin Beszant’s

14 Jan 2020 Ozy Homes Bushfire Statement

16 Dec SCC Re Coastal Management Plan Citywide scoping Study

5 December 2019 SCC Response Speed Limit Bendalong

29 Nov 2019 Berry Forum suggested answers Temp Visitor Accom Questionnaire – suggestions sent to CCBs by Berry Forum in response to apparent changes to TVA questions by council.

25 Nov 2019 SCC Bendalong Erosion Mitigation Works (see also image below)

Bendalong Boat Ramp erosion works December 2019

18 Nov 2019 Response – Drowning Prevention Measure

14 Nov 2019 From SCC Construction Cert Stage 1 Manyana Beach Estate

14 Nov 2019 Reply from SCC re CCB Insurance

Related document

October 2019 SCC Reply re surf school regulation

8 Oct 2019 Tourist & Visitor Accommodation Community Information Session – Also Clause 2.8 review – 13 November 2019

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  2. Factsheet_-_Clause_2.8_(Temporary_use_of_land)_Planning_Review
  3. Temporary Visitor Accommodation Paper CCBs Nov 2019
  4. Temporary Function Centres Info session Nov 2019
  5. 15 Nov 2019 Email from Berry Forum re TVA and TFC info sessions

10 Oct 2019 Shared pathway signs

Share the Track campaign sign

Notification of Multiple Amendments to Shoalhaven LEP – 27 September 2019

20.09.2019 Email SCC to RHVA Bendalong Boat Harbour Master Plan

17.09.2019 CMP Scoping Study Questionnaire – Draft
Note: this draft was discussed at the 21 Sep General Meeting

Coastal Management Plan Flyer September 2019

14.09.2019 CMP – Stakeholder Group Invitation Letter

14.09.2019 Coastal Management Information Sessions

13.09.2019 Invitation Flood Plain Management Advisory Committee

Sep 2019 Response from Robert Domm re Surf Schools


The Yulunga Reserve Management Committee held its annual general meeting in August and the following roles were filled:

President – John Bryant, Secretary- Margaret Rasmussen, Treasurer- Graeme Ralph, Booking Officer – Robyn Ralph, Soccer reps- Steve Butel and Ian Barrett Skate facility rep – Kevin Millar. The committee invites members of the community who have an interest in the maintenance of our community facilities to attend management meetings on the second Wednesday in  February, May, August and November. The venue is the community hall at 7pm.

Also in attendance were Sheree Cole ,Linda Sanixay and Lachie Rombouts who made a presentation regarding the Community Garden proposal that is being supported by Red Head Villages’ Association and is proposed to be sited on the Yulunga Reserve. In addition, a small trial garden plot has been developed by our executive near the pathway to the rear entrance of the hall. It will be planted with edible herbs and aromatic plants for community use.

Residents adjacent to the Yulunga Reserve have been informed by council that the playground upgrade will be completed by the end of October 2019.

The Central Shoalhaven Mobile Pre School has organised to operate on Thursdays and Fridays in 2020 in the Yulunga Community Hall and playground area.. Bookings are now being taken for 2020.Contact Cathie Elley 02 44230571 or email :

The upgrade of the surface of the tennis courts has been approved and funded for upgrade by Shoalhaven City Council.The courts can be hired for $10 per hour and operate on an honesty system with money being placed in the box in the tennis shed.

The rear room of the community hall has been re-organised and can now be hired for small meetings. Day use – $6 per hour; night use $7 per hour

                                                      Robyn Ralph

                                                      Booking Officer

                                                      Yulunga Reserve Management Committee                                                                                                                                                           

8 August 20

Email NPWS Jodie Dunn Shorebird Nesting Season Info

6 August 2019 SCC 1080 Fox Baiting Advice

11 July 2019 From Office of Fiona Phillips ANZ Seeds of Renewal Grants for Community Projects

July 2019 40th Anniversary SCC Mayor Invite_Red Head Villages

14 June 2019 Letter from SCC re Village Entry Signs

Village Signs Design 12 June 2019
Please note that the designs contain a spelling error for Cunjurong Pt – a request for correction has been submitted.

Village Signs Location June 2019

29 May 2019 Public Exhibition – Shoalhaven DCP 2014 – Low Density Residential Amendment No. 25

22 May 2019 Email update from SCC re Manyana Beach Estate

16 May 2019 Email from SCC re fallen trees at Berringer Lake

14 May 2019 Outcome of Development Committee Meeting – Clause 2 8 Review

14 May 2019 Outcome of Council Meeting – Electric Vehicle Charging Stations on Public Land Policy – Adoption

29 April 2019 Letter from SCC Re Tree Vandalism

9 May 2019 Shoalhaven Contributions Plan 2019 – Transitional Arrangements

29 April 2019 Nominations for NSW ACT Regional Achievement and Community Awards

Email – Berry Forum re Temporary Function Centres 26 April 2019

05042019 Email from Larraine Larri re Shoalhaven Council Draft Sustainable Energy Policy (Attachment below)

1 April 2019 Public Exhibition - Donations Policy and Guidelines

Little Blue Dinosaur email 20 March 2019

Little Blue Dinosaur Road Safety Certificate 2019

07032019 SCC Facilities Officer re Community Project Grant Applications invitation

22022019 Inyadda Drive PP Update advice (SCC)

06022019 Lake Conjola Entrance Management Review Workshop presentation (Dirk, Conjola Community Assoc.)

04022019 Shoalhaven LEP 2014 – Coastal Hazard Review PP and Shoalhaven DCP Amendment Coastal Management Areas (SCC)

04022019 Lake Conjola CMP Update Request (Dirk Treloar, Lake Conjola Entrance Management)

25012019 State Government Funds granted for Cunjurong Point Reserve BBQ & Playground upgrade at Yulunga Reserve (Robyn Ralph, Yulunga Hall Committee)

19012019 Community Garden (Lachlan Rombouts and reply from SCC)

05112018 Public Exhibition – Shoalhaven Growth Management Strategy Discussion Paper and Draft Shoalhaven Character Assessment Report (SCC)

traffic issue the barbette

response from council re rhva offer for cctv cameras on yulunga reserve

request for photomon volunteers

new bush track branching

rhva 081118 minister response-08112018110839

response – multiple – holiday season services – tourist _ red head villages association inc

Pathway email and reply Oct 2018

2.10.2018 SCC Grant Rokobauer response

T. Pembroke meeting procedure

Email from Sustainable Australia 1st Sept 2018

Letter to Sue Westaway and Mags Richardson  Re : Eco Villages Working Party

Sent by email 17092018.

Letter from Patti Bartlett to The Executive RHVA 5th july 2018

Hi all, congrats on the South End pathway, efforts of all volunteers are appreciated and I was impressed to follow Dot and Peter (using a rollator walker) King up the track on the weekend to the Cafe. Went for a long walk yesterday to Conjola and their walkway from the car park towards the beach is amazing and I wondered how it was funded through SCC. Luke Bastock from NPWS could be a great networker for design and funding of paths.

Because of Coast disallowing our usual access and also because of extra residents in Coast, I feel that a pathway linking Manyana to Cunjurong should be the first priority. You know that I may be in the minority that dislikes concrete so therefore I’d prefer to offer some constructive ideas. It is some 300 metres only from Goodsell St to the intersecon of The Pannicle and The Bounty. This would be a wonderful link to Cunjurong Shop for Manyana residents- children, older adults, prams etc. It could also be a gravel type of path with boards on both sides. Dot King commented that her and Peter would welcome a link like that as they have lost their link through the bush to Cunjurong Shop. The Fire Shed to Berringer is one they wouldn’t use as it doesn’t link to a safe route and could be too steep for them.

Could you put a map of proposed pathways between Cunjurong Point and Nth Bendalong on the RHVA website as it’s only in the last few months that I’ve heard talk of the actual siting of paths as opposed to a previous general Plan linking the 3 villages.

I also thought that the benches along the Sth End to Bendalong path acknowledging the memory of past residents was a great idea. However since the weekend, the number of benches has doubled. Who approves a bench, pays for them and designs the wording on the bench? I dislike red tape and wouldn’t want to see memorials needing to go through Council but maybe there now needs to be some sort of process. Crescent Head, for example, has benches with backs on them with mulple small commemorave plaques. The routed wording on our benches is too large. Others have also commented on this. Manyana Boardriders Club erected a memorial to Bobby Mills and Don Hearn at the Green Island Lookout so who decides, for example, that one person is mentioned and not another?

Thanks for considering my concerns, I hope you see them in a constructive light and can acknowledge another viewpoint. Thanks also for the time and effort you put into these voluntary posions. Regards, Patti Bartlett.

Am happy for this letter to go on your Correspondence In page

Letter from Patti Bartlett to the Executive RHVA 9-9-2018

To the Executive,

Thank you for putting the Pathways map on RHVA web site and personally I adjust to change better if informed beforehand.

Whilst I m not a fan of white concrete, I acknowledge the enormous work, time and voluntary effort put into the Bridge pathway. I also acknowledge and can appreciate diversity and different opinions, and realise that the white concrete pathway from Fire Shed to Sunset Strip is what the majority wants. So thanks also for your efforts there. And it seems Stage 4 (I guess that’s from Coast to Manyana Beach) will be concrete too.

I guess the black paths are the only concrete and the red is gravel? There is nothing marked for Fire Shed to GI Lookout to Alaska St and also from Bendalong Shop around the Caravan Park to Washerwoman’s track (or that part of the map isn’t seen). So I’m presuming that will be gravel as well?

I also noticed that the gravel track finishes at Dee Beach.

If I have any of this wrong, please let me know.

As I’ve requested beforehand with an earlier letter, (which didn’t make the Corro In page nor have comments I’ve made on RHVA stories made it on the web site) please put this letter on Correspondence In page.

Patti Bartlett.

CCB Subsidy

Urban Tree Canopy in the Shoalhaven

Advice from Council Resolution – Draft Medium Density Amendment – Shoalhaven DCP 2014 – Post Exhibition Consideration and Final

Notice of Council Resolution – Coastal Hazard Review

Inyadda weed control Kerry Thompson

Advice – 1080 Fox Baiting 27 August to 14 December 2018

Brian Lambert’s pathway letter

Semi detached Dwelling Amendment

Email from Tim Pembroke 27 July with RHVA reply

acceptance of defibrillator quote

SCC response to Development concerns

SCC response Berringer 2

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