Correspondence Out

RHVA letter to Hon. Jo Haylen, NSW Minister for Transport, re safety risk posed by jet skis and urging improved safety measures and signage (28/02/2024)

RHVA letter to Hon. Stephen Kamper, NSW Minister for Lands and Property re RHVA support for preservation of Don Hearns cabins (27/02/2024)

RHVA submission ‘Changes to Create Low and Mid-Rise Housing’ lodged with NSW Planning portal (21/02/2024)

RHVA submission to SCC re SP10921 Proposed integrated development LEC Inyadda Dr Nth Manyana (04/02/2024)

RHVA submission to Council re Special Rate Variation proposal (21/01/2024)

RHVA Inquiry Into the Planning System (27/11/2023)

RHVA Submission Medium Density Amendment

Letter to Neville Green (23/10/2023)

Red Head Villages Book Report (16/9/2023)

Letter Shoalhaven Fire Control Centre (12/8/2023)

Hon Liza Butler MP RHVA Inc Public Transport (25/5/2023)

Red Head Villages Association Letter CWP Consultation Process 2023 (24/5/2023)

Outcome from a meeting with Fiona Phillips 13/12/22

Draft Community strategic plan response

Meeting on 30 April 2022 with the Red Head Villages Association Committee

Letter to Amanda Findley re state of Bendalong Rd 16/3/2022

President letter to Mayor re Black Summer Bush Fire Recovery Grant YH 8_4_22

Final water letter fr RHVA Pres to SCC re water issues 8/4/22


RHVA cover letter to submission concerning Development Application SF10921 Inyadda Drive and Sunset Strip; Manyana 30 March 22

RHVA Letterhead final submission concerning Development Application SF10921 Inyadda Drive and Sunset Strip; Manyana 30 March 22

Re/ Development Application SF10921 Inyadda Drive and Sunset Strip; Manyana

RHVA Letter Inyadda Drive DA

Response fr NSW Min Health re Mental Health Impacts of Uncertain Future of Remaining Unburnt Bushland

RHVA Ltr to Paine – Request for Masterplan Funds 29July21

RHVA LtrSupt Five Villages Comty Gdns BSBR Grant

RHVA Meyer to Keech – funding of Berringer-Cunjurong path

RHVA Meyer to Punnett re issues from AGM and Gen Mtg Apr21

RHVA response to Federal Regional Telecommunications Review via RDA FSC

22.4.2021 RHVA Meyer to Punnett re issues from AGM and Gen Mtg Apr21

5.8.2020 Upgrading the Bendalong HWY access for consideration- Shelly Hancock

5.8.2020 Upgrading the Bendalong HWY access for consideration – Patricia White

30.7.2020 submission to draft Local Strategic Planning Statement

8.8.2020 Community Fire Unit letter

June 8 2020 Robyn Ralph Thank You

Manyana Beach Estate Concerns to SCC

14/3/2020 RHVA TO RICHARD DRUMMOND Inyada Drive Estate

20/2/2020 RHVA to Ghazi Sangiari re clearing MBE

24/1/2020 RHVA to Premier (personal view)

RHVA to Commissioner Shane Fitzsimmons - clarification letter 24th January 2020

14 Jan 2020 RHVA Letter of support for rebuild of ‘Bendy Hub’

20 Dec 2019 Response to Jessica Rippon, SCC re Director Indemnity and Public Liability insurance

7 Dec 2019 Ltr KM to Troy Punnett re Stormwater Options 7Dec19

5 Dec 2019 Email SCC Management of Rubbish Coast

2 Dec 2019 Ltr SCC Domm Surf School Register

16 Nov 2019 Email to SCC re Speed Limit Bendalong Boat Harbour

24 Oct 2019 Letter to SCC re provision of lifesaving tubes

24 Oct 2019 Letter to SCC re CCB insurance

31 Aug 2019 Email to Robert Domm re Surf Schools

31 Aug 2019 Attachment Surf School Licensing Kempsey

19.09.2019 Letter of Appreciation to SCC re Traffic Control Measures

14.09.2019 Letter to SCC Supporting Playground Funding

July 2019 Letter to SCC GM re inclusion on Lake Conjola Management matters

27 June 2019 Letter to SCC GM re Tourism Campaigns and the impact on our community

16/05/19 Letter to SCC re Deadlines for feedback on policies and documents 16_5_2019

16/04/19 16 April 2019 Letter to SCC re Draft Sustainable Energy Policy

03/04/19 Letter to SCC regarding tree vandalism on beach fringes

18/03/19 Submission to SCC – feedback on draft Shoalhaven Character Assessments 2018 – FINAL

25/2/19 Council Famil Tour (SCC – RHVA thread)

request for information- lake conjola management

14112018 disbanding of sustainable futures committee

15112018 request for repeat of holiday services from scc

10102018 Constitution vs CCB Guidelines

ozy homes bio bank

Berringer Lake funding request to SCC Sept18

17092018 Eco Villages Working Party

RHVA Letter to SCC re larger lot sizes Inyadda Drive development

13092018 Request for murals from SCC

RHVA Request for payment Annual Subsidy

Hon Anthony Roberts MP

14082018 SCC Annual subsidy letter

RHVA Ltr Millar to SCC Strachan re Proposed Toilet at Berringer

Coastal Zone Management Submission

North Manyana Focus Group to SCC

13062018 Tim Pembroke

Berringer Lake funding request- Shelley Hancock

15062018 Follow up request Shelley Hancock