A Strategic Plan for the Red Head Villages

In 2021, the RHVA received a grant from Shoalhaven City Council and the Foundation for Rural and Regional Renewal to create our “Planning for a Sustainable Future” document for the Red Head Villages.

It was a once-in-a-generation opportunity to outline a clear vision for what we want our community to look like in the future, while preserving the things we love. The RHVA engaged Locale Consulting to work with the community to develop a plan that reflects the location’s unique values and aspirations

As part of the first phase of this project, the RHVA helped organise and run community events and a survey giving community members a chance to have their say on the plan. These were open to full-time permanent residents, holiday homeowners, and holidaymakers.

This feedback was used to produce a Draft Report. The final report is expected later in 2023.